Program Overview

In recent years the diabetes health care collaboration between Crusader Clinic and The Cosmopolitan Club of Rockford has drawn considerable attention, locally and nationally. Perhaps you would like to know how this all came about.  The Rockford Cosmopolitan Service Club was chartered in 1949. Since its formation the club has distributed tens of thousands of dollars to many worthwhile causes in the Rockford Area. For several years it sponsored Nursing Scholarships to the three Rockford Hospitals.

Since its beginning in 1972 Crusader Clinic has become an institution and the only community health care center in northwest Illinois.  Their mission is to provide quality primary health care to those individuals who find it difficult to pay for such services.  Enabled by the ongoing support of the Cosmopolitans, the program has grown serving more than 2,700 diabetic patients annually. The program has evolved into a ‘center of excellence for diabetic care.

In 1994 the Rockford Club members decided to step a bit out on their own and made contact with the Crusader Clinic, discussing their Diabetic needs. At the time Crusader Clinic did not have a developed Diabetes program. During the first year the club extended a grant of $5,000.00 to fund glucose monitoring devices and strips. With the success of that initial year the club decided to make Crusader one of its major funding raising recipients.  Each year the Club continued funding the Crusader program and invited other clubs and the Cosmopolitan International Diabetes Foundation to participate. Due to several successful years of collaboration the project became known as Crusader Clinic Cosmopolitan Diabetes Program, and adopted the label “UNTIL THERE IS A CURE.” In 2007, Cosmopolitan International recognized Crusader Clinic as one of its five Major Cosmopolitan Diabetes Center/Programs.

Gordon Eggers, President and CEO, Crusader Clinic, stated, “The Cosmopolitan Patient Learning Center will allow us to provide additional services and assist us in eliminating barriers i.e. literacy, language, for our patients. It will provide a common ground meeting place that will offer unique/individualized ways to learn such as touch screen health education monitors and one on one sessions. We are honored to have the support of the Cosmopolitans for this special opportunity to better serve our patients/community and make a difference in the lives of our diabetic patients—until there is a cure!