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Foundation Overview
The Cosmopolitan Diabetes Foundation is the charitable arm of Cosmopolitan International. It is the conduit through which contributions may flow from the public to those charitable activities supported by Cosmopolitan International members. It is a non-profit, non-stock corporation organized under the laws of Maryland and recognized by the IRS as a tax exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
All contributions to the Cosmopolitan Diabetes Foundation qualify as tax deductions for income and estate tax purposes. Any organization which can show evidence that its funds remain dedicated to charitable, educational and scientific purposes is eligible to apply for grants. The Board of Directors of the Foundation makes decisions with respect to Foundation funds. This Board is elected by the membership of each Federation of Cosmopolitan International. Decisions are based upon the expressed intent of the donor and the needs of the Cosmopolitan International projects.

Plans For Giving

The Discovery Fund
The Cosmopolitan Diabetes Foundation has established a fund called the Discovery Fund that will receive contributions from clubs and individuals to fund grants for diabetes related projects. Our simple formula: "$1 in = $1 out." None of the contributed money in this fund will be used for administrative or other costs of operating the Foundation.
Cosmopolitan Diabetes Centers
Cosmopolitan Diabetes Centers have been established at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri, the Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Virginia, and the University of South Dakota in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. There is a continuing need to support the efforts of our centers to find a cure for diabetes. Donations to our centers will be utilized to fund specific grant requests on an annual basis.  
The Beacons Fund
An endowment fund designed to assure the perpetual duration of Cosmopolitan International. Money placed in this fund will be safely invested and the principle never utilized. The interest obtained from the investment will be used for grants and expenses set forth and approved by the Foundation's Board of Directors.  
Individual Gift Fund
The Cosmopolitan Diabetes Foundation welcomes individual gifts, either for a specific project or for the purposes determined by the Board of Directors. All contributions designated for a specific project will be allocated to its special fund. The Diabetes Center Fund is one example of the specific project.  
Sustaining Gift Fund
A foundation, just like any business, has certain operating costs. To maximize the effectiveness of contributions for specific objectives, the Foundation asks that all Cosmopolitan clubs provide in their budgets for unrestricted donations to the Foundation's general operating fund. Similar donations from individuals or organizations are also most welcome.  
Hands Across the Border
A cooperative effort between the Cosmopolitan Foundation Canada, Inc. and the Cosmopolitan Diabetes Foundation, the goal of this program is to team up a U.S. Cosmo with a Canadian Cosmo to make contributions in each other's names to their respective donations to take advantage of each country's tax laws.  
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